Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Update on Baseline, and Estrace!

Ooops! So I forgot to add my Baseline update! I had teh appt at 8am (the Reproductive Biology Associates office is less than a mile from my office buidling, and it took me almost 40 minutes to get there because of stinkin' Atlanta traffic!!!!) and they were VERY nice ladies. I've actually been to RBA before when I was looking into Egg Donation! I even went into the same ultrasound (u/s) room that I used before which was kind of cool. Anyhow, I had a very nice lab tech who didn't even barely pinch me, and didn't leave a bruise, which is incredible if you know how much I bruise after blood draws! Then the u/s tech took a look around and said my lining was nice and thin, took some pics and sent me off to Catherine, the coordinator who gave me dates for my next 3 appointments (lining check on July 6th, blood and u/s 3 days after transfer on July 13th and my beta on July 22nd). My labs came back with Estradiol at 20 and Progesterone 1.6 and a good thin lining (I don't know the magic number, but have heard they want it under a 3 and I think mine was a 2.something).

I have been taking 2 tablets per day of Estrace, 1 morning, and 1 night since Friday the 23rd, tomorrow the dosage increases to 3 pills. My lining check is a little over a week away!! I can't wait, I'm just hoping and praying the Estrace is doing its job and creating a nice thick lining in there for those little embies to snuggle in to!

I'm getting ready for my sister's arrival, I have to finish cleaning out the guest room this weekend - which means moving some boxes out and cleaning out the closet where we stash all of our coats. Plus I'm sure there will be some sort of July 4th get together, since the 4th falls on a Tuesday. It will be weird to work Monday and have Tuesday off! I'll enjoy that extra day to get things straightened up and ready around the house.

We've had lots of rain lately, the dogs got soaked last night - before we got home, poor things! I had to take Kent to Marietta to our Lenscrafter to get his glasses adjusted; he'd gotten accidentally kicked in the face when crawling through a play tunnel at the skating rink on a daycare field trip, and his glasses were ALL bent out of shape, everytime he looked down, they would fall right off!!

I have placed ads ALL over the place trying to find Tiger a home; I am desperate to get him relocated, and if no one has come to pick him up by this weekend, I've already decided to take him to a no-kill Animal Shelter. I just can't have him at the house anymore, even though I really enjoy snuggling with him (he's so soft and sweet) I feel guilty everytime I see him and know T&I would like him out of the house... I just want him to find a good home!!! I posted flyers at Kent's daycare and at the vet's office yesterday. I'll post another flyer at the pet shop and other vet tonight hopefully. Anyhow, send up a prayer that a NICE person/couple/family come to take him...

Ok, that was sort of a rambling post, but all thoughts I just had to get out!! I'll update again soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Meds Received! :)

Well, they arrived! I got them via Fed-Ex here at work, items in the box are:

(40) Progesterone suppositories
(1) Sharps container
(30) Alcohol Prep Pads
(18) Gauze Sponge packets
(30) 1.5 gauge needles
(30) 1.5 gauge syringes
(5) 16mg Medrol Tablets
(10) 100mg Doxycycline Capsules
(120) 2mg Estrace Tablets (I didn't count these out!)
20ml Progesterone in Sesame Oil

It's really and truly all here... The needles are big... not bigger than I imagined, just big! They made me feel a little queasy looking at them - just being honest! I KNOW that I'll get over it when it's time to start giving myself the shots, it just made me a little nervous!

I track my temperature on FertilityFriend.com - which I realize is silly considering I'm on BCPs, but it helps me know when to expect my period, and I like to know the pills are doing what they're supposed to be doing. Well, my temp took a big dive this morning, so AF should be on her way! I'm thinking by tomorrow AM as things are currently "all clear"! :)

My IF's last e-mail was talking about how difficult the 2ww will be - and I can't help but know it will be insane for me! I will be so excited to get that BFP, it will be so hard to concentrate on anything else! But thankfully I have a busy office, so I know if I throw myself into my work the days will go by fairly quickly.

My sister got her flight information to come to Georgia - she'll arrive on Friday July 7th, and we'll have my Company Picnic at Six Flags on Saturday the 8th, then we'll fly to New Jersey on Sunday the 9th for a Monday transfer! I can't wait for Ruth to get here - we'll be so busy visiting and doing things together it will make those last couple days go by at super speed! Then I will probably have Monday - Friday off from work, we should get back from transfer on Wednesday, and Ruth and I are going to hang out, and she'll go home on Saturday. I think it's good that I'll be home, I can take it extra easy and eat lots of pineapple and make McDonald's french fry runs!!

Ok, that's it for now - my next update should be when I go for my first blood and ultrasound, hopefully on Friday!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Meds Calendar In Hand!! Woo Hoo!!

I talked to Fran briefly last night (as it was Father's Day and I felt guilty for calling, but had been waiting all week for instructions; I wasn't positive if I was supposed to take a birth control pill last night or not). She then e-mailed me some info and my meds calendar!!

Here it is:
Sunday, June 19th - Take last BCP in the PM
Thursday, June 22nd - CD1 (I hope, I hope)
Friday, June 23rd - Blood and ultrasound. Begin Estrace, 1 pill orally (AM), 1 pill vaginally (PM)
Saturday June 24th - Wednesday June 29th - Continue Estrace 1 orally, and 1 vaginally
Thursday June 25th - Increase Estrace to 2 pills orally (2 doses) and 1 pill vaginally
Friday June 26th - Saturday July 1st - Continue 2 pills orally and 1 pill vaginally
Sunday July 2nd - Increase Estrace to 3 pills orally (3 doses) and 1 pill vaginally
Monday July 3rd - Wednesday July 5th - Continue 3 pills orally and 1 pill vaginally
Thursday July 6th - Continue 3 pills orally and 1 pill vaginally. Blood and Ultrasound
Friday July 7th - (If lining check goes well) Start Progesterone In Oil (PIO) 1cc Intra-Muscular (IM) and 200mg Progesterone Vaginal Suppository (PVS) at bedtime. 100mg Doxycycline 2x per day, 16mg Medrol 1x per day. Continue Estrace 3 pills orally, discontinue vaginal Estrace.
Saturday July 8th - Increase PIO to 2cc per day, PVS 200mg 2x per day. Continue Doxycycline and Medrol. Contine oral Estrace 3x per day.
Sunday July 9th - Continue PIO at 2cc per day, PVS 200mg 2x per day. Continue Doxycycline and Medrol. Continue oral Estrace 3x per day.
Monday July 10th - Probable Frozen Embryo Transfer. Continue PIO at 2cc per day, PVS 200mg 2x per day (suppository after transfer). Continue Doxycycline and Medrol. Continue oral Estrace 3x per day. Bed Rest.
Tuesday July 11th - Bed Rest. Continue as previous day.
Wednesday July 12th - Travel Day. Continue as previous day.
Thursday July 13th - Continue as previous day. Blood work and ultrasound 3-days after transfer. Wait for continued instructions.
Friday July 14th - Friday July 21st - Continue as instructed
Saturday July 22nd - PREGNANCY TEST! (Estradiol/Progesterone/BSU).

And that is my meds calendar!! Fran said she'd probably call again today to check in and confirm everything. I should have many more updates in the next week or so!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fran Received Contracts

I called Fran on the way home yesterday, I told her it had been more than 24 hours since we last spoke and I was feeling deprived!! (We've been on the phone a LOT going through everything with contracts and what is soon to come). She said she had received the contract, and was about to head to the Post Office to overnight it to T&I. I was happy to hear it made it.

We talked for about a half hour about what's next, and various little things... She will work on my meds calendar this weekend, and we'll go over that on Saturday or Sunday. I should go off BCPs on Monday June 19th, should get my meds hopefully Tuesday/Wednesday and should get AF by June 24th, and would go for blood and u/s on the 25th and start estrogen that day! Phew!! Big things will be happening next week! I can tell I'm really getting excited, and just feel it inside me how special and important this is and how thrilled I am to be a part of it. When talking to Fran last night she was saying how she doesn't think T&I could be any luckier, and that I couldn't either. I definitely agree. I think we are such a good match, and I just can't say enough good things about T&I and Fran as well. I'm so excited to be part of such a wonderful team! Fran made a comment about how she feels her surrogates do impact her success rate, which she said is around 80% which is terrific. She mentioned that she thinks I am a very peaceful person, that I don't have a lot of turmoil, and that will be a good environment for T&I's little embies! I told her I have the welcome mat rolled out for them, I'm all set for them to move in and make themselves at home.

She also told me our transfer doctor will be Dr. Amui (http://www.ccivf.com/staff/amui.html) as she has the highest success rates currently for The Cooper Clinic. T&Is thoughts are, if you can shave the odds in your favor, even just a little, why not do it!!

So, I should have more to tell by Monday!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Contracts are Signed!!

Wow, I need to post my update!! So, Kenneth's CMV IGM came back as negative for an active infection, which is good. The attorney was amazing and rushed out a draft contract to us on June 10th, and then by June 12th we had a Final!! I printed the contract and signed it, and mailed it yesterday morning to Fran. I just can't believe how smoothly that all went. IPs and I are in agreement on everything, and they didn't have a problem with anything I was asking for, which was a big relief.

So, things are moving right along, and I anticipate receiving my meds calendar and my meds by next week. I should be off BCPs on June 19th. July 10th is our transfer date! I'm not sure if that's locked in with the clinic or not, but my IPs already have the day off from work and will be there with me for the transfer. We are all SO excited!!! I could just jump up and down and scream I'm so excited!!

Yesterday morning was also a hard day for me in that I had to take Kenneth to his Reserve Unit at 5am and drop him off to be driven to the airport; he's going to be gone roughly 6 months to various classes for Recon training. I miss him so much already. I know in my heart and head everything will be fine, its just going to take some getting used to. And Kent is much older now, and I know he will really feel his daddies absence. I will just do my best to make our time together special! I have a tendancy to spoil him when Kenneth is gone... hopefully I won't go too crazy! So, the rest of my day at work was ok, but I was sad and distracted. Kenneth's grandmother called me on my way home from work and invited me and Kent to meet her at Folks for dinner. That was a nice treat, and was sweet of her to think of us me and Kent our first day apart from Kenneth. I was so exhausted by the time dinner was over though, I couldn't wait to get home and fall into bed! When I got home, I saw Kenneth's dresser drawers open, his clean laundry on the recliner, his shoes on the floor, his motorcycle pants in a corner... little reminders everywhere. I couldn't settle in for the night until I had picked everything up and put it all away, and closed his closet door (which he always leaves open). It was kind of weird how I felt compelled to do that, but I think it was some sort of closure. I shed a few tears, but not until after Kent was in bed asleep.

Ok, I will wrap this one up! I can't wait to give my next update, I should know a lot more about my meds schedule by then!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just a Quick Update

I feel like it's been quite awhile since I last posted! Kenneth went to our doctor to have the CMV reflexed out to verify that it's not an active infection. Fran reminded me that the results have no bearing on the surrogacy, they just felt it was the right thing to do.

I was told that the paperwork was in the attorney's hands as of Saturday, and my IF told me via e-mail last night that they were supposed to have a teleconference with her last night, on the 5th. I'm hoping to hear some news today about how that went, and what to expect next! I am looking into getting some additional life insurance, and other than that I think everything on my end is all set!

Kenneth found and brought in an ADORABLE stray kitty last Friday - he is an orange tabby, about 9 weeks old. Kenneth took him to the vet yesterday and had him tested and treated for fleas and ringworm, and got all his meds to keep him on. We will have him neutered in about a month. The only bummer is we can't keep him at the house during the surrogacy. I promised T&I in our first teleconference that we didn't and wouldn't have cats in the house. They know the risk is small, but they knew someone who had toxoplasmosis complications during their pregnancy and are that much more aware and worried about it. So, we will probably send little Tiger to live with Auntie April for up to a year or so, or however long it takes! I told Kenneth we could just give him to her, but he insisted that he wants him back! I thought that was too funny and very cute, especially after how anti-cat he's been since I've known him!

That's all for now, hopefully I'll have more by the end of the week.