Friday, April 27, 2007

27 Weeks - Cruising Along!

Wednesday was our 27 week mark. WOW!! Everything continues to go great. I have days where it seems like she's flipped with her back out because I don't feel too much movement (enough to not worry me though), but the majority of the days she is a squirmy little girl! Lots and lots of bumping, rolling, thumping... this morning my belly looks lopsided to me, and I'm pretty sure there's either a rear-end or a head up in my ribcage on the right!

I continue to have some lower back pain, and getting up off the couch or out of the car has become more difficult - but overall I really don't feel "huge and uncomfortable" yet. I know I've got 3 months to go, so I'm sure that time will come! I am still in amazement that in less than 3 months she should be here! I wish I had SOME idea of when I will go into labor on my own - but without really being able to use DS's delivery as an example I have no idea. I'm thinking about asking my OB if they would consider scheduling an induction at 39 weeks in my case, just so my IPs can plan on a date to be here for delivery. I'm not a big fan of inductions, and really believe in letting nature take its course - that is just one detail that has worried me; I would really hate for them to miss out if things go faster than expected once we know I'm in labor.

I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do in terms of having a support person as well... I'm pretty sure Kenneth is going to be gone during delivery; if I go into labor during my 38th week that is the only way he'd be there - he's gone the month before, and at least 2 months after! My MIL has said she'd be there with me, but my son will need supervision while I'm in the hospital... anyhow, I'm hoping one of my SMO friends might be able to be there with me; we shall see! :)

We had lots of rain and overcast skies yesterday, but its supposed to be a beautiful weekend which I'm looking forward to! I just bought a maternity bathing suit off e-bay and am hoping it gets here soon; I am planning on hanging out at a pool at least a couple weekends a month during the warm weather. I know my son will really enjoy that too! Last year he asked every weekend if we could go.

My appointments are coming up in just a few more days - this coming week, so I will have more updates then!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

~25 week OB appointment

Yesterday was my regular OB appointment, and everything is great! This little bean is very active, and the OB had a hard time keeping up with her to listen to her heartbeat on the doppler which was amusing to me!

He measured my belly for the first time and said it was "good", but I didn't get an actual measurement. I really need to start asking, because they just don't volunteer numbers and information! They don't understand that I need to KNOW!! :) Same with my b/p she didn't say anything so I am assuming it was a good number.

I was scheduled to come back in 3 weeks for my glucose tolerance screening, oh what fun! That will be good to get over with though. Then I go bi-weekly after that as we'll be in the third trimester by then - WOW!!

Time flies when you're having fun, to say the least! In about 2.5 more months I'll start getting my bag packed and prepared, and we should have all the paperwork done and filed by then and then we'll be waiting to see when she decides to arrive! I had a dream, for the first time, about delivery last night. It was cool! It was a very happy and peaceful dream, I have nothing but positive feelings and thoughts about her upcoming arrival, and nothing but excitement about seeing her in her mommy and daddy's arms for the first time!! It makes me grin just to think about it!!

That's all for now I guess, other than an occassional evil leg cramp, and a few extra hard kicks and thumps from the baby which make me wince I have nothing to even comment on! I'll be back next month (if not sooner) with our next updates!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

24 Week Ultrasound (Fetal Echo)

We had our 24 week fetal echo yesterday (Thursday) and everything looks GREAT!! Miss Munchkin was moving around and being a cutie pie, her measurements were all great for her gestational age and they guestimated her weight at 1lb 6oz. Her heart looks absolutely perfect, so no worries there! YAY!! :)

The u/s tech was super sweet and took a quick 3-D scan at the end after all the measuring, and got a GREAT picture of the baby's face, her little arm across it - she's snuggling her umbilical cord and sticking her tongue out. I may be a tad biased but I just think she's the cutest thing EVER! :)

I forwarded my IPs the pictures via e-mail and put them in the mail along with the video of the u/s this morning. Hopefully they'll get that early next week; I know they'll enjoy seeing her! She's grown so much!

I am feeling fantastic! Everything is going just fine with me. My BP was 110/70 if I remember right, and I think I've gained a little more than I would like but nothing excessive, and everything else is going great!

I'm hungry, and sleepy, and peeing a lot - all normal pregnant lady things, nothing to complain about for sure! My husband likes to tell me I'm walking like a pregnant lady now - apparently I've started to waddle a little already. Oh wonderful! :)

It just amazes me how quickly time is flying by - we're already in April, it's Easter this weekend!! This month is going to just fly by! My SIL is getting married next month, and there are 2 wedding showers coming up, next Saturday and the one after. Kenneth has a long drill in May and then goes pretty much active in June for a couple different training ops/courses. I will miss him!! But, June is still a little ways off so I'm not thinking about it too much. I think its just little countdowns that make me realize how close July 25th is! I can't believe Miss Munchkin will be HERE in a little over 100 more days! WOW!! :) I cannot wait to see her with her mommy and daddy and see the smiles on their faces! That is the day I've been dreaming about since we first started cycling... a dream come true for us all.

I have an OB appointment next Tuesday, I'm sure there won't be anything exciting to report - which is a good thing!!