Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just one more thing!

The saline sono was on Tuesday AM, and unfortunately 2 small polyps were discovered. I have since learned that this seems to be fairly common, especially among surrogates after all the cycle medications we are on. Apparently polyps are affected by estrogen.

I am feeling pretty bummed, not sure what’s next exactly. Cooper pretty much said no big deal, get them removed and we’ll keep moving forward and get you cycling right away – which is great! However, in order to do that, I will either have to have the procedure done by my OB which looks like it might not be until May before he’d be able to get me in, or my IPs will have to pay out of pocket and have GRS do the procedure sooner… Neither option is that great! I sent my IPs an e-mail explaining everything and I told them I’m beginning to wonder if this is just me pushing my luck, and I will totally understand if they want some time to consider their options. I can’t help but wonder, even after everything they’ve spent so far, if they just stopped now with me, matched with someone else, and paid for the new surrogate’s testing if they still wouldn’t come out ahead and be able to transfer sooner!! Ack!! I will support them, whatever decision they make. If they want to wait, then I will get things going with my OB and get on his surgery schedule. At this rate, Fiona will be 1 before we can transfer… She’s already over 8 months old now! :) T&I have sent me the BEST pictures of her – how amazing to get to see her as she grows, and see them with her! :)

I will post more when I know what the plan is, but that’s all for now!

Friday, March 21, 2008

On our way to a schedule!

My labs were just fine, so the plan is to start bcps tonight and my saline sono is scheduled for Tuesday March 25th.

Terri from Cooper called last night and we had a good talk and are all on the same page now, I think, which is great! So, I left her a voicemail with the date of the SSH, and she said she could work up a calendar from there.

My guesstimate right now is starting meds around April 15th and transfer 1st week of May. I can't wait to get going again! I'm just so ready, and so excited about moving forward and seeing what's next for all of us. I can't wait to get up there and see Fiona and visit with my IPs and have another transfer day with them! I intend to take PICTURES this time!! I always regret that I didn't take a camera on transfer day last time. I am secretly hoping for May 3rd - that would be 18 months to the day of our transfer for Fiona... I'll take whatever I can get though!! :) I'm just ready to hop on that plane and visit my IPs and Fiona and have our transfer! We'll be doing accupuncture this time around too - I'm guessing meds will start around April 15th or so, and accupuncture would start around then as well. Whatever I can do to help, I will!!

I will start drinking my soy milk again too, as soon as this next period comes and goes, along with my pineapple juice and maybe eat a few yams in there somewhere too... :D

I am really tired, I've been staying up a little late with Kenneth gone at drill right now... I'm glad its the weekend, maybe I can catch up on my rest! I've been enjoying the quiet nights though (its only been since Wednesday) - I've gotten a lot of good cleaning and straightening up done around the house. I'm much more productive when Kenneth isn't home!! :)

We'll be spending most of Easter with Kenneth's family, Kent loves his Easter egg hunts! (Speaking of, I need to stop off at the store and get some egg stuffing goodies tonight!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

AF FINALLY showed up!

Yes!! FINALLY she's here. First let me back up to the drama over the past couple of days.

On Friday the 14th I was told to go get labs done to see where my hormone levels were at, since it had been a month with still no period. I had that done, and according to Kim at Cooper it looked like I should start a period soon. She said call back Monday if nothing has started. I called on Monday (still no period) and was told that I had to get labs and an ultrasound so they could prescribe birth control pills to put me on for a minimum of two weeks - and this is after a MONTH already of no period, and we'd done labs the Friday before! On Tuesday evening I wrote my IPs a long and exasperated e-mail about how frustrated I was with the clinic. It seemed they were sending us for all of these expensive tests and then not doing anything with the results, just sending us for MORE tests saying THEN they could do something. On top of that, I was really frustrated that they hadn't just put me on provera immediately after the canceled cycle like the did every other canceled cycle before with them - if they had, I would've had my period THREE WEEKS ago!! Now, instead of prescribing provera, she wants to prolong things by ANOTHER weekor two by prescribing BCPS!! I was just overwhelmed and needed my IPs to know how upset I was getting - none of it made any sense to me compared to our previous cycles, and I just wanted some answers. My IF got the RE on the phone with Kim on Wednesday, and we had a consult. The RE agreed that they screwed up and should have put me on provera immediately after the canceled cycle, and because they hadn't my cycle was now messed up. (Yep!) Well, amazingly right before that consult I started spotting, real spotting, and I knew my period was FINALLY here on its own. They still want me to get labs to "confirm" that, so I'm going this morning at 10:00. I'm on day 2 of real flow though, so I know this is it. So hopefully, the drama is behind us (Dr. Cho also confirmed for us that we do NOT have to be on 2-3 weeks of bcps before we can start cycling meds next time) and we can move on with the saline sono and then our next cycle!

I'm hoping and praying this means a May transfer!! (Fingers and toes are crossed)!

I'm really crampy with this one, yesterday was pretty painful - today actually isn't that bad. I'm just relieved that the waiting is finally over... I'm so ready to be moving in a FORWARD direction! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Florida Get Together!

I just got back from the BEST trip down to Florida, with a stop in Macon on Friday to visit SMO friends!! We had SUCH a great time!

I left work early on Friday afternoon to get home, meet Kenneth and get Kent's bag to the daycare (where his grandma was picking him up), get the dogs to the doggy sitter, finish packing, and load up the car. We got out of there around 4:00pm, and then hit the WORST traffic in Atlanta, a big accident on top of normal Friday traffic had us arriving in Macon around 7:30 if I remember right! It was a long drive, and it should have only taken 1.5-2 hours! We visited with Andrea and Brant (who are looking for a TS) and Keith and Katie (who live nearby, and are working with a TS right now). We had a delicious dinner, I got to play with Andrea and Brant's adorable dogs (they have a lab and four yorkies), and we just hung out and talked, debated, laughed and it was really, really nice. Andrea and Brant are incredible people - very genuine and loving and warm, I can't say enough good things about them. We didn't leave there until I think around 1:30 in the morning? It was a late night, but I could have stayed up for hours more talking! We had to get going though, we stayed Friday night (well, Saturday morning) in Tifton, Georgia, and then drove on down to the get together near Tampa later Saturday morning (we met at 3:00pm for the get together). We met with Jolene, who recently delivered GS twins, along with her husband, and Anna (an IM who has 2 children, 1 through TS, and she is currently cycling with a GS), who came with her husband and children! We hung out at Outback for about 3 hours and I took a bunch of pictures. It was a nice afternoon!

Kenneth and I drove to Ocala, Florida and spent the night there, then on Sunday we continued on our way home - arriving in the early afternoon. The weather was PERFECT for driving, and riding in the Corvette made the trip even more fun! I'm SO glad Kenneth went with me - this is the first time he's met any of my friends through the surrogacy community, and it was special for me to share that with him!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Quick Check In

Still nothing to report - I drank some parsley tea over the last couple days, but nothing yet. I'm crampy off and on and just wish I knew what was going on... I hate just being on hold like this!! Trying not to get too down about it!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nothing going on!

Just wanted to check in and say that I have been off meds nearly THREE WEEKS now and still no sign of my period. I also haven't heard from my IPs in about a week and am starting to worry (as I sent them a couple e-mails last week, and its very unlike them not to reply).

I'm not too frustrated, just tired of waiting and waiting, I want to be DOING SOMETHING so we can be moving forward again and making some progress towards our next cycle!

I need to call the clinic again and find out if I'm supposed to go have a check to get on some provera or something, since I don't seem to be doing much on my own! (They told me to call in GRS's fax number last week and I did, and that's the last I've heard).