Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The urge to POAS is getting VERY strong now, I doubt I will make it another 2 days between tests again, after tonight's test... It was hard enough to hold out all day yesterday!

I am having lots of twinges/cramps low on the right (once again, I've had them there with my 2 GS transfers as well, maybe my right side is comfier?! :D ) I had my first bout of nausea late last night when Kenneth opened the compost bin near me and then when I caught a whiff of his drink. Then this morning and again right now (before eating) I've been feeling some nausea too. And lots of tired... that's how I feel... my eyes are SO heavy and I want a nap really bad. I woke up at 2:00am and laid there in bed for about an hour before falling back asleep... I kept feeling a light dull achy cramping sensation in that same spot and couldn't stop thinking about it... I hope, hope, hope its a little one snuggling in, but with how early it started originally (at 3DPO) I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.

I'm ready for some lunch and I want a bed too... :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

4DPO and another weekend busy weekend!

Here is my test from this evening, 4DPO and 6DP Trigger, faded a LOT! Although I was told this afternoon to watch out for the OSOM tests when testing out a trigger because of their sensitivity its possible to get faint positives beyond the normal 8-10 days past trigger which can give false hope. So I will have to confirm with another brand before I get too excited!! :)

Yesterday was awesome and crazy busy!! It was great!! In the morning I went to Vicki's house where she was hosting a Lia Sophia jewelry party and got to meet her mother and her cousin and a few of her friends. The jewelry was beautiful and it was wonderful to meet some of her family and just hang out a little, and get to see her home. Around 1:00 we headed over to the Dinner Afare and prepared 12 meals - that was really cool! The set up was really neat, super easy and fun to put everything together and I cannot wait to try them all out! A bunch of really nice meals that I just would never take the time to try at home.

It inspired me to actually create a menu for this week! We did some shopping at Target today so we're using a bunch of food from shopping and won't try the Dinner Afare ones out until probably next week or maybe this weekend.

In any event, after the Dinner Afare prep I was starving (it was after 3:00 and we hadn't had lunch, just some munchies at Vicki's house during the party). I ran through a drive through for some quick late lunch and headed home. Once I got home we decided to go ahead and take the stray we found to the shelter, he really looked like someone's dog and we wanted to make sure he got the chance to find his family if he was from around here (the fact that he wasn't that hungry when we found him, he wasn't thin, and his nails looked trimmed made us think that he must belong to someone). In any event, we turned him in and they told us they'd gotten a phone call from someone who's dog ran away during the storms and said their dog was a german shepherd - we're hoping that was his family!

Then we turned around and came home for a short rest before getting back in the car and heading over to John & Vicki's for a really nice dinner (ham, macaroni & cheese, green been casserole and peach cobbler). After dinner Vicki and I lounged on the couch and watched the boys wear each other out (they had a blast bopping each other with lightweight balls and playing with trucks and trains). Kenneth and John talked about "boy stuff" and eventually we realized it was after 10:00 and time to get going, poor Johnny looked like he was about to fall over!!

Today we ran some errands, watched some shows and generally were lazy!! :) It was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to another busy week which will hopefully go by QUICKLY!! :D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Puppy and a Pee Stick

While I can still share them publicly (before I have to go into stealth mode so I can surprise Vicki with our positive!! :D ) here is the most recent from today to show the trigger leaving my system... it's faded quite a bit, I imagine in two more days I will hardly see anything at all! Peeing on a stick every other day is helping appease my desire to see what's going on without wasting TOO many tests while its still impossibly early!! Today is 2DPO, so the next will be 4DPO and maybe another at 6DPO if there is still a line at 4DPO. Then from there it will be almost time to start looking for that 2nd line to come back!

And here is a picture of Sampson the stray! Kenneth really likes him, but I am adamant about no more dogs, especially puppies that chew and need house training! I don't have it in me!!

He is a cutie pie though, and great with the dogs and I'm SURE he will find a good home. I sent his picture and an e-mail to the rescue group we got Sadie through and also to Vicki - hopefully it won't take too long to find him a good place to go. But I will definitely feel better about helping him find a good rescue group or home, rather then the shelter. (As you can see by the two dogs in the background, we have a pretty full house already)!

2DPO... but who's counting?

Yesterday I posted this on SMO:

We are 1dpo... and I didn't pee today!! Yay me!

I was stressing a little this AM about my temp not jumping, but did a lot of reading and see that for quite a few people the HCG trigger will delay or prevent a clear thermal shift to be seen at ovulation, so I am just relying on my other body signs to trust that its happened and we are well on our way to a beautiful BFP!! I actually was very relaxed all day, and didn't even really have to fight an urge to pee on a stick (and obviously its WAY TOO EARLY and I had a trigger, but that won't stop me for much longer)!

I hope the 2ww goes quickly especially for Vicki's sake!! I never really realized how much harder it is on the IPs than the surro's!! My IPs didn't really talk to me about their feelings during our 2wws! Hugs and love Vicki!!

Today is a new day and Thank God It's FRIDAY!! Yay! I'm so happy its the weekend... this week has been crazy and wonderful, and I'm ready for some down time.

My temp went up to 97.9 this AM but I won't be (too) excited until I see at least 2 more days of good high temps, it will be reassuring to see that! I am definitely feeling warm this morning, and exhausted! I wonder if I have progesterone from 3 corpus luteums pumping into my system instead of just the normal 1 and if that's making me more tired... Who knows! (And I am really warm this morning... my face feels HOT).

Tomorrow I am going to Vicki's for a Lia Sofia jewelry party, then we're doing Dinner Afare at 1:00 and then we're all going over to their house for dinner and hanging out!! Yay! It will be a busy fun day, and then Sunday we'll probably do NOTHING... (except steam vac the carpets, I realllly need to with the wet weather the dogs have been bringing the outdoors IN!)

And this morning we found a stray, and guess where said stray is now? In our basement, playing with Sadie while Kenneth keeps saying how "cute" he is and "does he have to" take him to the shelter??!! ACK!!! He's a BIG dog too, not much smaller than Sadie, but younger - probably less than 1 (Kenneth thinks Husky/Pitt mix, I think Shepherd/Pitt mix). He's very sweet and apparently having a blast running around with Sadie (who is very excited to have a play mate that is WILLING to play with her - our other dogs are smaller and usually not interested in being knocked around by her)! We found him in the daycare parking lot just wandering around and I cannot leave a stray, too many cars. Kenneth will take him to have him checked for a chip and we may keep him overnight and take him tomorrow, but I am NOT getting suckered into another dog!! NO WAY!!

Ok, I think that's it for now! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I will start with a picture of all the HPTs I have ready to pee on (there were 43 in this picture)!! :)

This is me the morning of our IUI, getting ready!

Then on IUI day I wore the stylish and lucky knee highs Vicki got for me! (This is me passing time while I rested after the IUI was done, and I had to lay there for about 30 minutes!)

Here's the first test I tried this afternoon (to see how much trigger is left in my system), an older dipstick that apparently isn't very sensitive:

Then Vicki twisted my arm (ha ha) and I tried an OSOM!!

Now some more waiting! :D

The Two Week Wait Begins!

Yesterday was a whirlwind!! I got to sleep in a little yesterday morning since I was working from home, which was a nice way to start the day, but I'd been tossing and turning since about midnight and was excited for the day to start, so I was ready to get up!

I was able to cook the boys a hot breakfast for a change, which was really nice (biscuits and gravy) and put Kent on the school bus before getting to work. I have a pretty big assignment that is going to take me several days to complete, and its great for at home work since its all on the computer, editing, etc. I got going on that and Kenneth was working on homework for school, before I knew it it was already well after 9:00 and Vicki and I chit chatted a little back and forth but she was busy too. The hours went by quickly and pretty soon it was 11:30 so I went and finished getting ready! Had my very cute lucky clover shirt, my lucky knee high socks from Vicki, painted my nails pink and had pink underwear and bra on for baby girl vibes. :)

At about 12:15 John & Vicki arrived and I was waiting at the door, ready to go! I had a little present for Vicki (a box of "lucky charms" - a rabbits foot, number 7, 4-leaf clover, etc. and a green bracelet and necklace made by a Kari on SMO) and she had a beautiful little basket full of goodies for me! More pregnancy tests (I am going to have to line them all up and photograph them, I have QUITE the stash going on thanks to Vicki!! :D ) a yummy smelling shampoo, a gorgeous ring and necklace and a rose charm for the pandora bracelet!

We were so excited on the drive to Atlanta! We stopped at The Derby for lunch since we had a little bit of time to kill and enjoyed some good food there - I ate some lucky french fries with my very yummy french dip sandwich! :) Towards the end of lunch, I looked at the mirror that was hung on the wall of the booth, and what did it say? "Three Lives" (I think it was the name of some vodka or something)! So we were all grinning and laughing about that (Vicki's been saying triplets ever since we saw the first u/s with 3 follicles) and then John pointed out a big lucky clover sign hung right behind my head!! That was a fun little "good luck sign" to take with us! (And as a disclaimer, no I am not one who particularly wants to carry multiples, but it's still fun to joke about between us, I've already told Vicki if we see three on an ultrasound, she will find me in bed crying and petrified for the following week). :D

Then we headed off to Dr. H.'s office a little before 2:00 and were met with really horrible traffic, and what should have taken about 5 minutes took about 15 instead! It was crazy! So, we were running a little late, but got there and got the sample to them at about 2:30, and then we waited! At about the 35 minute mark we asked how much longer (since we'd been told it takes about 40 minutes to process the sample) and shortly after asking we were taken back to the room and I undressed from the waist down and draped myself with the lovely pink gown. Then we all waited in the room, and at about 3:30 the doctor checked in telling us it'd be a little longer because they were re-spinning the sample as there was still mucous on it after the first spin... so we started anxiously tapping our toes and waited a little longer. It was about 4:00 when Dr. H. came in and did the IUI. As he inserted the catheter Vicki and I squeezed each others hands and hoped for one of those little swimmers to go find an egg to make friends with!!

After the IUI was done I was tilted back a little and told to rest for about 30 minutes, while John & Vicki went out to hear how the sperm sample looked. We were not terribly impressed with the machinery he was using, how long the sample was left sitting out before it was examined, and how he couldn't answer many questions John & Vicki had so we're not holding much stock in his semen analysis. We're just continuing our monitoring to confirm ovulation and then hopefully in about 9 days I can start testing and seeing a positive HPT! The trigger takes about 8 days to leave a persons system, and 9DPO is usually about the earliest you'll see a positive anyway, so the timing should be about right. My temp dropped the 2 previous days, and then today jumped back up to 97.6 (where it had been for about 2 weeks straight at the beginning of our cycle) so I'm hoping its on its way up to 98.0 so we can confirm ovulation has occurred!! Yay!!

Now to go find that patience thing, I know I have it around here somewhere...

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's ON!!

Vicki picked me up in front of my office about about 9:20 and off we headed to Dr. H.'s office. There was some crappy traffic and a Pepsi truck that ran over the curb and squished some pretty newly planted flowers, but beyond that we got to the office without too much trouble! We were greeted in the hallway by the now familiar stench of something that smells like mexican food and armpit odor, today combined with perfume or chemicals of some sort. Gag.

We got checked in and waited... and waited... and waited!! It must have been almost an hour of waiting up front in the reception area (I know at one point I looked and it was 10:10) and then about another half hour sitting in the 2nd waiting area (which isn't a waiting area, its the nurses work station, so you sit in their chairs while they come and go and lean over you to get charts off of desks, etc.) During this time we complained about the waiting, laughed about silly stuff, planned for the "maybes" and passed the time. I am so glad Vicki is there, and she made that 1.5 hour drive each way after only getting an HOUR of sleep last night being up with a sick kiddo!! She's awesome! :)

Once we were taken into the u/s room Dr. H. came in a few minutes later and we got to FINALLY see what was going on! He started by looking at my lining and said it had greatly improved and was now about a 9.5mm (which is fantastic for me)! Then he moved to the right ovary and immediately we could see a larger follicle, but were disappointed when he measured it at about 17.0-17.5 (don't remember which). Especially since most of the twinging I've been feeling was on the right I was worried! He moved to the left and took a couple different angles and said there were 2 20.something mm follicles there! I've had paratubals at most of the GS ultrasounds I've had so part of me worried it could be that, but he took a lot of measurements and even looked at it in 3D and seemed confident that they were follicles. He was happy with it all and said we were good for the trigger shot (which I didn't even feel) and scheduled us for a 2:30pm IUI tomorrow afternoon!! We are SO EXCITED!!

The whole way back to my office we were just giggling silly about nothing, just SO happy to finally get the ok and know everything was looking good! I am ecstatic and don't know how I'm going to concentrate between now and then. I need to find a good project to throw myself into!!

I am bouncing up and down happy and so READY for tomorrow!! Bring on the 2ww!

Friday, March 20, 2009

CD12 Follicle Check!

We had our follie check this morning and we are looking good for Monday! I have 3 follicles measuring 13.5-14mm (2 on the right and 1 on the left) so we're going to let them keep growing and plan for 1 more u/s and hopefully a trigger on Monday with a Tuesday IUI!

I'm relieved to know everything is OK and we're not out of time and I don't need to panic! (I had taken 2 OPKs mid day and evening yesterday that were MUCH fainter then the CD10 OPK I took, so I was getting worried that I'd already surged! I took one last OPK last night at 8:30 after holding it for 3 hours and not drinking much and that test line was almost identical to the one I had on CD10, so at that point we figured we were ok, but its very reassuring to KNOW we still have a couple days and things are looking pretty good so far!)

My lining is at a 7mm which he said was thin, but for me that's pretty good and we still have 3 more days before we trigger, so it should thicken a little more (my lining was only a 7.5-8mm a couple days before we transferred with Fiona). He seemed pretty happy with everything he looked at, and said my tubes looked good.

I am feeling so POSITIVE about this cycle coming together, and so EXCITED to get the ok to trigger!

My ovaries were not happy with the poking and prodding and have been achy ever since we left the doctor's office. We were both pretty dang happy to hear there are 3 maturing follicles growing right now, and would love to see 2 or 3 at an 18-20+mm on Monday morning. The hcg trigger will help mature them and cause most or possibly all of the mature follicles to rupture and release an egg if there is one in there so we're feeling good about our chances for a pregnancy!!

I asked Vicki if we should try Miracle Grow to help the eggies along!! Hee hee! :D She offered cow manure... :D

I am so thankful that she is willing to do all that driving and come all that way to be at the appointments, I love having that time together to chat, plan, dream, laugh, and complain about how long they make us wait! It's truly fantastic to share each step of this with her!! :)

And for fun, here's the OPK tests as of last night. I'll go back to once daily testing and probably add in the digis on Saturday or Sunday. I'm still hoping the fertility monitor kicks into gear and gives me a "high" reading soon too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

An exciting night!!

After a wonderful afternoon, we had a VERY exciting night!! :) I thought CD10 was way too early to start OPKs, but apparently it wasn't. This is what we got at 6:00pm:

Pretty dark already!! I think Vicki and I were freaking out a little!!! Both of us were jumping up and down excited, just made it so much more REAL, its REALLY happening and SOON!!

I was going to test at 9:00pm with a digital OPK to make sure I wasn't surging and I goofed the test when it came time! You're supposed to insert the test stick into the reader before peeing on it, and I peed first then inserted it (which is how I've been doing every morning with the monitor and why I forgot the correct way to do the digi OPK)... I was so MAD at myself!! I tried to hold it about 10 minutes and pee again but there just wasn't much left (I know, I know TMI!!) so it was enough for a reading, but I don't think it was a good sample (when I looked at the test lines on the two tests afterwards, the one I had messed up had a darker test line then the one I did correctly the second time). So, in any event it was negative but we weren't 100% sure that it should have been since I goofed!

The CB Fertility monitor is still reading low this morning, and maybe its correct and we still have a few days, but we're testing actively with the OPKs to make sure we don't miss my surge. I have 2 of them in my purse, ready to go this morning and depending on how dark the line is I'll probably test again this evening.

We're still planning to go tomorrow AM for our follicle check, but it may turn into our IUI day depending on the OPKs!

Last night, even before I took the test, I knew at least Vicki and possibly everyone would probably be coming over at some point by the weekend so I started cleaning the bathroom. The living room ALWAYS needs a general tidying, I cannot keep up with that room between Kenneth throwing his workout and school stuff everywhere and the dogs tracking stuff in and leaving toys everywhere (they are worse then Kent!!) :D I got even more motivation after seeing that OPK!!

Can't wait to have even more updates soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SO Blessed!

Wow... I am soooo blessed!! My FIM "I" called me this afternoon and we talked for about 10 minutes catching up... I told her about John & Vicki and let her know we're doing TS and hoping to cycle this month. She said so many sweet things to me, that the baby would be gorgeous, that she hoped my IPs were deserving (which I told her OF COURSE they are!!) and so on. It was a great conversation and I was really happy that she called. She told me all about Fiona, and how beautiful, polite, and smart she is. It touched me down to my tippy toes to hear how much she loves that little girl coming through the line - in every word she said. She's so proud of her, and it just melts my heart! I told her I think of them every day, I still have Fiona's birth announcement (one I printed up and posted at work) pinned to my bulletin board behind my computer monitor, so I see it every day! She said she thanks God every day for Fiona and is so thankful to me too... I just feel filled to overflowing. I am so blessed to have T&I and Fiona in my life, so thankful for that wonderful GS journey. I know I will FOREVER have them in my life, that I can pick the phone up anytime and call, that I will always get updates and pictures of them to see how their little girl is filling their lives with joy. And "I" invited me to come visit again! She said if I'm not pregnat in May that would be a good month to visit, so I am keeping that in mind! If not this year, I will definitely try to go next after delivery... I am THRILLED that she invited me!

To have such amazing GS IPs, and now to be matched with amazing TS IPs... I know I am blessed, and I am so grateful for all of the incredible people I have connected with through surrogacy.

The photography frenzy shall soon begin!!

I think I'm going to start OPKs tonight... so the photographs are coming!! :D I know its early, and I really shouldn't start testing until Friday at the earliest, but I can't help it... sigh...

Today has gone really fast - I've been busy!! Only another hour 'til I head home from work. I think tonight is Kenneth's late night, so Kent and I get some "us" time! We've been reading a book together, maybe we can read another chapter or two, and maybe I can catch up on some of the American Idol recordings I have... I cannot stay on top of all the stuff in the DVR! There just aren't enough hours... I should stop recording some of the shows, but there are so many ones we like!

I guess that's really all - nothing too exciting to add today! Just looking forward to seeing how things go over the weekend, looking forward to getting that positive OPK and cycling!! Can't wait! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Double digits tomorrow!! For some reason, I think tomorrow its really going to feel "close"!

We're having some back and forth with Dr. H. over appointment dates and the Ovidrel meds... what a mess. It is a wonderful thing to be working alongside with Vicki who makes SURE things get done and are taken care of the right way! I love it! She is not afraid to get on the phone and make sure things are in order, its a good thing too, because several very important details have been uncovered thanks to her phone calls!!

Dr. H. was planning on doing an ultrasound on Friday and then having us not come in until Monday for the trigger with a Tuesday IUI. That makes NO sense to me! Why come in 3 days prior? Yes, you get an idea of how things are looking, but you don't know what will happen in the next 3 days! He's going to be out of town over that weekend! And she found out through her calls that we have to order the ovidrel ourselves, its not going to be there at the office - so we would have not had the meds ready if we had needed them... I am just shaking my head...

In any event, we're getting closer and I think we'll be in the 2ww by early next week!! I can't wait!! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm so excited!! This weekend is going to be amazing!

As if this past weekend wasn't amazing enough!! :) Not only are we anticipating our IUI happening this weekend, I found out yesterday that my aunts (my mom's 2 sisters) and my Nana are coming through the Atlanta airport on a 5 hours layover on their way to Ireland next Sunday! Oh my goodness I'm so excited to see them!!

The last time I was in WA was I think September 2007, and it was only for about a day or two, and for my grandpa's birthday party. So I visited with everyone a little at the party, but it went really fast and was a crazy busy day.

I should be able to pick them up around 4:00 and have about 3 hours with them before they will need to go back to the airport, so we'll pop over to a nearby restaurant and hang out for awhile. I'm so excited!! I miss them all SO much!!

It was also really neat to talk to my Aunt Nancy for a little while yesterday and get caught up, I was able to tell her about Vicki and John and how excited we are to hopefully be cycling at the end of this week. My family is awesome, I am so lucky to have their support - they all think it's a pretty amazing and cool thing!

At some point in the future, I hope to be able to go with Vicki to WA to have a chance for her to meet everyone and vice versa! My mom really wants me to come in June, and I would love to go but if I'm pregnant I won't fly and 0f course we are certainly hoping I will be by then!! :) (Fingers and toes crossed)!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Awesome day at the spa - THANK YOU Vicki!!

Vicki and I met up this morning at 9:00am at the Green Tree Spa and had an incredibly relaxing 1 hour full body massage in 2 connected rooms that had the doors opened so we could be nearby each other. We chatted a lot while we were getting ready and then waiting for the masseuses to come back in, but there was no talking going on once the massage started... It was probably the best massage I've had, I almost fell asleep a couple times but then she was working out some of the knots I have in my back/neck so that kept waking me up! :D That hour went wayyyy too fast!! When they were done, I think we were both ready to just conk out and take a nap!

We had some water, and got up and left there to do a little shopping at the mall which was right next door. First we stopped at a little jewelry store that sells charms for the Pandora bracelets we have - they had quite a few cute charms but not the ones we were looking for. So we headed across the parking lot to the actual mall and went to Old Navy first, I had a gift card there and wanted to see what I could find. I found a cute tube top (that has some room for "growth" for when my prego belly shows up), and a great deal on a hoodie for Kent for next year! Then we stopped in at Yankee Candle (I LOVE that place!!) and Vicki found a couple candles. By then it was time to head back to the spa for our 11:30 facials. I have never had a facial so it was new to me and wonderful!! WOW!! I think I did doze off during part of that, once she put the mask on my face and had my hands in lotion in the warming gloves and stepped out to let it do its thing on my skin... so peaceful!! It was wonnnnderful!! I liked the part with the steam heat on my face. I loved it so much. I still feel totally "chill"!!

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at Olive Garden (LOVE their soup/salad/breadstick meal) and chatted some and then headed our separate ways. Today is so overcast and rainy, what better way to spend an icky day then enjoying a little pampering!!

I told Vicki she's spoiling me so much I'm going to get mushy and rotten!!

We had a fabulous day of pampering thanks to Vicki; I truly know how lucky I am, and I am very thankful for Vicki and John! Now we both just hope next weekend is going to be equally as wonderful in a completely different way (hoping our IUI is next Saturday)!! YAY!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tastefully Simple - for a GREAT cause!!

QUOTE: With Shannon's permission and Maria's blessing, I am hosting an online fundraiser will ALL proceeds going to little Hailey. You can order directly from the http://www.tastefullysimple.com/ website and it will be shipped directly to your house or you can send a gift if you like also. Once you choose the option of shopping online, you can select to add it to a hostess party order. The hostess is "For Hailey" in the first and last name boxes respectively. If you have never had anything from Tastefully Simple, no worries! They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if for any reason you are not satisfied, contact me and they will replace it with something at no cost to you. The Kent's will receive 28-36% of every order depending on what is ordered. If you have any questions, please let me know! I am excited for such an easy way to raise money for this wondeful family!

If you like Tastefully Simple or just want to support a great cause and get some fantastic goodies in the process please check this out - Becca from SMO is hosting this wonderful fundraiser. I have loved Tastefully Simple products for YEARS now (the beer bread, parm cheddar biscuits, almond pound cake, seasonings and more are SO yummy)! And Hailey Kent's story is one that has touched my heart and I have been supporting and following for quite some time. Here are the details on Hailey Kent:

This story has touched my heart, and I wanted to share it with everyone who may not have already heard...

Hailey's Story

Rick and Maria Kent are the proud parents through Gestational Surrogacy of Ryan and Hailey, that turned 2 years old today. When Hailey was 15 weeks old she was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of Leukemia. She went through chemo, but relapsed while still on it and had an unrelated, mis-matched umbilical cord blood transplant in May 2007. She is home now on home isolation but is having issues with graft versus host disease (where your body and the donor cells try to reject each other). Lately it has been getting worse and is starting to affect her kidneys.The best chance for Hailey to be cured is for her parents to do another Surrogacy, and have a baby who will be a 100% match for Hailey. There is a new technology available where doctors can identify the matching embryos before they are implanted. One out of every four embryos will be a match. Hailey's doctors at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles said it's too early to talk about a second transplant, but chances of a relapse are high. If that happens, stem cells could be taken from the baby's preserved umbilical cord blood, and Hailey could get a transplant and a second chance. Rick and Maria are looking forward to welcoming another much loved child into their family as well as being able to save Hailey's life. Unfortunately, Maria and Rick are financially tapped out from the first Journey and from paying the medical bills for Hailey. There is no way they can afford to pay for another Surrogacy Journey. We estimate that $15,000.00 is the amount we should have to complete this journey to save Hailey. At this moment there is $1422.00 in the Hailey Kent Benefit Fund. We are still in need of donations. It doesn't matter if it's big or small, every little bit helps! We have to get moving on this. If Hailey has a relapse she won't have time to wait for a sibling to be born.

Info on how to donate to the Hailey Kent Benefit Fund:

To donate by check
Wells Fargo Bank
2740 Cochran St.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
The check can be made to either Maria Kent or Hailey Kent, and in the memo line please write: Hailey Kent Benefit Fund.

By Paypal
http://www.paypal.com/. The email address is: benefitfundforhailey@yahoo.com.

Thank you!

News Articles & Coverage
News coverage:

Newspaper article:

Other Ways to Help
~Organize an event to raise money. (i.e.: bake sale, garage sale, car wash, walk-a-thon, etc.)

~Help in contacting anyone that has connections with pharmaceutical reps or companies, so we can get donated meds. We are going to need Follistim (or Gonal-F), Menopur (or Repronex or Bravelle), E2, progesterone, and Lupron for the surrogacy journey.

~Help in contacting anyone with media connections. The media is interested, but want to follow the journey as it progresses. That won't help get the word out that we need help raising funds NOW so we can get the journey started.
Every little bit helps!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 Days...

We had our CD3 baseline check in this morning with Dr. H... let's say once again we leave there less than thrilled with him!! Ack!! We are having to do all the planning on this... he wanted me to come in on the 18th, which would be CD10 for a follicle check, to see if I would be ready to trigger - that is CRAZY early in my cycle (especially based on my recent history)! So Vicki and I went back and forth a little trying to figure out which day would be best, and we settled on Friday the 20th which is CD12. It's still a little early, but I think it will give us a good idea of where we are at, and we feel a little better about checking a LITTLE early rather then waiting for Monday the 23rd at CD15 which could potentially be too late.

Dr. H. said he'll trigger for anything 15mm or larger, but 15mm seems very small to me. Vicki and I would want to wait to trigger when the follicle(s) are at least at an 18mm, and would prefer they be 20mm+.

So, we'll see how things go - 9 more days for a check in! Thinking lots of GROW FOLLICLES GROW thoughts!! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coach and More!

Vicki gave me a bunch of goodies on Saturday before the zoo - but I just now got them out to take pictures!! I LOVE MY NEW COACH PURSE!! :D I put all my stuff into it today - its the perfect size, I just love it!! Yay!! Thank you so much Vicki!!

She also gave me an adorable basket from Longaberger! Vicki sells for them (www.longaberger.com/vickiwadsworth), it's so cute! I'm taking it to work tomorrow to put some of my goodies in it! I think it will look perfect on my desk. :)

And our IUI day t-shirts arrived!! WOO HOO!! Here are a couple pictures with the adorably cute shamrock socks Vicki also had for me on Saturday! SO CUTE!! The next pictures of these will be on us when we're at "THE Appointment"!! :D YAY!!

A couple more pictures!

AF is in full force today - I am SO crampy this time... I figured it was going to be worse then normal, since I've had time to build up a fairly thick lining... Our appointment is tomorrow morning, I can't wait! Yay! :)

Vicki uploaded her pics, so here's a couple more I had to share!!

Me and Johnny:

Me and Vicki being Kangaroos!!

The whole group! Kent, Beka, Vicki & Johnny.

Beka & Kent saying "Bye" to Zoo Atlanta!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

She's HERE - we're on our way!!

My temp dove another 4 degrees down to 97.7 and I KNEW that meant AF must be showing up today, and sure enough she's on her way in this morning... I am SO excited! It's ridiculous to be that excited about AF, but nonetheless I am!!

We have a baseline appointment set up for 3/11 at 9:15am, and Vicki will be there too, and we'll get the run down on what all needs to happen between now and our next appointment (Vicki remembers him saying we'll come back in on CD14 and have a check to see how my ovaries look and if I'm ready to be triggered, and I think she is probably right). If I'm not ready on CD14, I'll probably get daily checks until I am. I am SO excited!! About 2 more weeks and it's going to be our turn to cycle! WOW!

In so many ways it feels like the months have FLOWN by, and then again some parts have just dragged while we've been waiting on my body to do what it needs to do... I have been so blessed to get to spend so much time with Vicki and her family, getting to know them. We are all so thrilled to be moving forward to the next step, the 2ww is going to be TORTURE!! :D

Vicki was telling me about John asking when "THE appointment" was going to be over the weekend, so from this point forward that is what I will be thinking of IUI day as - THE appointment!! :D

I have my lucky green clover socks from Vicki, our lucky transfer day shirts are on the way, I have my new beautiful lucky clover charm on my bracelet and a couple little somethings for luck for Vicki, now we wait and hope all our "lucky thoughts" help us "get lucky" in a couple weeks!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

What a great weekend!

Vicki got me another charm for the Pandora bracelet she got me last month, (on the far left) it's a Lucky Clover for our March IUI!! It's so pretty, I love it!! I had to share!

Now if only AF would arrive, we could get going for that IUI!! Ack! My temp dipped 3 degrees this AM which is a good sign, so hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow... I can't believe how long this is taking... the last 2 cycles I monitored with no meds it was at 14dpo both times - it's just trying my patience I've decided. I'm using the fresh parsley tea (started yesterday) to see if that will help at all.

So yesterday was our fantastic zoo visit day!! It was GREAT! The weather couldn't have been more perfect! We met up in the parking lot where we'd had pizza a week or so ago, so we could carpool. We swung through McDonalds for some breakfast and off we went! I took a bunch of shots of the boys and of Vicki with the boys, and Vicki has the shots of the two of us and the group shot which hopefully I can add later!

There were too many cute moments!! Johnny wasn't too thrilled about riding in the stroller some of the time and he would reach his hand out and say "Beka, HELP!!" I was cracking up!! He is TOO cute!! Kent was being slightly dramatic (gasp)!! He kept saying his legs were killing him and he was tired... and then we'd do something he wanted to do and voila, he perked up!! Crazy cute kiddos! During our wandering around the giftshop at the end of the day we got some too cute pictures of both of us trying on goofy zoo sunglasses! We just had a very good time, and I was very happy that traffic was pretty light both ways (though we passed a bad accident going the other direction on the way home).

Here's some pics of the day.

Vicki and Kent at the meerkats:

Johnny making snake noises and tickling Vicki in the reptile house:

Kent and Johnny with Willie B:

Vicki and Johnny looking at a very pretty bird in the Treehouse:

I was so tired when we got home!! Kenneth got to come home again to sleep (he came home Friday night too), so we went to bed right after dinner and I slept REALLY soundly last night! It was a very good nights sleep! :)

Today I'm taking Kent for his annual eye appointment and some new glasses and maybe some shopping while we wait for them to be made!

I had plans to do a bunch of shopping this morning, but discovered Kenneth took the car that I'd left my list and coupons in, so that will have to wait! I went through Kent's summer clothes this AM and realized none of his shorts will fit, so it's time for a wardrobe update for him. :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Yay! :)

Quick pop in to say Vicki got a phone call back from Dr H's office, and they said my thyroid test was normal and my P4 was 13.5 at 9dpo! That made me happy - confirmed it is a good level for the luteal phase and that I DID ovulate!! (Not that I really had any doubts, but after that ultrasound he did, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on).

So both good news!! Yay!

Beef, its whats for dinner!

I have been pleasantly surprised by two new recipes I've tried out over the last week plus! We don't usually eat a whole lot of red meat, so I had to look up something "new" to do when we got given some really nice steaks by Kenneth's grandmother and used this recipe:

Cracked Pepper Steak, w/ Roasted Garlic Chive Butter
2 tsp coarsely cracked black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 (3-inch) New York Strip steak (2.5 lbs)
Roasted Garlic-Chive Butter
Fresh chives for garnish (optional)

Roasted Garlic Chive Butter
4 garlic cloves (or more if you like it EXTRA garlicy!)
1 1/2 tsp EVOO
1/4 cup water
3/4-1 cup butter
1 TBS chopped fresh chives

Cut garlic cloves in half crosswise and place in a shallow pan, drizzle with the oil and add water to pan. Cover and bake at 450 for 20 minutes. Uncover, bake 10 more minutes. Let cool. Remove skins and finely mince garlic.

Combine garlic, butter & chives. (I used a food processor to mince the garlic and chives, and added the softened butter to it to combine the ingredients - I thought it worked well).

1. Combine first 3 ingredients and press evenly onto steak.

2. Heat about 1/4 - 1/2 cup of the prepared garlic butter in a cast iron skillet over medium heat. Add steak and cook about 60 seconds on each side, to brown.

3. Move skillet to 450 degree oven and cook about 15 minutes (this got it to about med/med-rare, so more or less as desired). Remove from oven and let meat rest in pan for 10 more minutes before serving.

4. Slice and serve with more of the butter (if desired), garnish with chives (optional).

I thought this was uber yummy, tons of butter so not something we'll eat often, but I loved how this came out! I think the butter would be great on a loaf of crusty french bread, and we had ours with a caesar salad and some pasta with white sauce. It was really good! Of course, it helps that the cut of meat we had was a really good one, which we don't get to enjoy often either. I used 4 garlic cloves and the flavor was mild, next time I probably would use a little more. I still have half of the butter left over, and used this exact recipe for 2 good sized thick steaks.

The other recipe was for a sirloin roast, cooked in the oven. I will have to add the recipe later. I was really happy with how it came out too. Kent liked it a lot, and asked for more of the meat. I thought originally I was going to do a more traditional slow cooked pot roast, but I ran out of time and cooked it in the oven in about 1.5 hours instead - the texture was much more like steak (and it was still perfectly pink in the middle), but I actually really liked it for a change of pace (instead of the more traditional, fall apart, roast).

Not too much to update on, still waiting to see if my period will make a grand entrance in the near future so we can get going. My temperature has actually gone UP the last 2 mornings which is strange... I usually get at least 1 day of a good drop and then my period shows up, so I guess it'll be another day or two... sigh... not obsessing, not obsessing, not obsessing... !!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Maternity Clothes!! :D

Oh I'm such a goober!! Vicki pointed me to a post on SMO today listing some maternity clothes in my size that were nice (good for work, which are always needed!) and so I ordered several pieces!! A pant suit, a pair of slacks, a pair of more casual pants, a see through cover shirt, and a dress... before I ordered them, I pulled my tub of maternity clothes out from the attic to make sure that brand fits me in that size!! OH MY GOSH!! Memories, lots of them, lots of huge warm fuzzies... so much love was held in my belly, under those clothes... and I can't wait to hold John & Vicki's miracle of love under those shirts and pants again... (tearing up)! Sounds silly, right?!! :D (And I'm still wearing one of the pairs of shorts I tried on - what can I say? They're cute and comfy! Hee hee!!) My pile of pants is MUCH smaller then my pile of shirts, so I'm glad I ordered the pants in particular!

Vicki invited Kent and I to meet them for dinner this evening too - so what a night it has been! We all met at Jim N Nicks BBQ for a super yummy dinner and a couple hours of hanging out and watching the boys be silly! We got kicked to the "naughty corner" booth, after Johnny's cup of tea hit the deck and spilled out all over the floor!! :D (Ok, we didn't really get kicked out, we moved ourselves, but still)!

I really do feel like the luckiest woman and surrogate ever - to get to share this experience, this soon to be pregnancy, this surrogacy with a couple who I can call my friends and soon call my family...

A quiet evening!

11dpo today and a teeny bit more spotting this AM, I'm thinking tomorrow or Friday will be CD1 and I'll either have my baseline on Friday or Monday.

Kenneth didn't call or show up yesterday, so I assume he's out of touch for the remainder of the week, and will show up on Sunday! :) Crazy military schedule, there is no schedule - I am so used to it though, it didn't phase me at all to not hear from him. I assume no news is good news! :)

Kent and I had a quiet night at home with the dogs, just warmed up some leftovers and I let him watch his Final Fantasy netflix movie in my room with L.B. and I caught up on a couple hours of my Amercian Idol recordings! I think my brain is mush now! :D

I decided I definitely need to be productive tonight and get some cleaning up done - there's a lot of straightening up to do in the kitchen and living room. Kenneth accuses me of being a surface abuser with my clothes (guilty) but HE is a surface abuser with everything else - his school stuff and car stuff, and magazines, etc. end up all over the place and it drives me nuts! I can't relax in the living room unless its mostly put together - I cannot expect perfection at my house though, between all the dogs and the boys that would be pointless.

I think we're going to have the rest of the leftovers tonight and I'm going to put a beef roast in the crockpot with some potatoes and carrots for tomorrow (depending on what night we meet up with Vicki & John), that will be a nice smell to come home to! We might grab dinner with V&J one night this week, and we all have plans to go to the zoo on Saturday if the weather holds up - I'm so excited! I love the zoo (probably more than Kent)! :D He loves the animals too, and it should be a nice day to walk around and enjoy some fresh air and critters. Vicki said Johnny hasn't been yet - so it should be very cool for him!

AND Vicki made plans for her and I to go and have a fantabulous Spa Day on the 14th with an hour massage and a facial! I am so excited!! That is going to be a huge treat, and such a great way to spend some girl time together and relax before the "big day" which should be hopefully within a week of that outing.

All sorts of fun stuff to look forward to this month! Yay!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's almost time for our March cycle to begin!

I went to Dr. H.'s yesterday to ask for a progesterone check... I told Vicki after that appointment I am feeling a little frustrated with him, but it's ok - we're "on it" enough to make sure things get taken care of, I just don't have a whole lot of faith in him. I'm not used to having that feeling/frustration with my doctors, and we're so limited - we can't go to anyone else, so we have to "suck it up" and make the best of it.

I went in with a copy of my chart (showing me at 9dpo yesterday) and asked for a progesterone draw stat to 1) confirm if I had ovulated, 2) if I had ovulated confirm a healthy luteal phase progesterone level, and 3) if it wasn't a high number to give us the green light to take something to help induce a period (progesterone supplements). He went on about how my chart didn't help him with anything, didn't tell him anything, etc. but I sat there thinking to myself the test I asked for WOULD (I stopped pushing the issue once he agreed to run the test for me, he just didn't seem to be hearing me). He went straight to telling me to take a progesterone supplement for 5 days... but I don't want to take extra meds if my progesterone is NATURALLY high right now, which means my body is doing what it's supposed to all by itself and a period will come soon... I left there feeling frustrated, because his answer for everything seems to be "take meds" and he seems to want to "fix" things even when there's nothing to fix...

In any event, we probably won't hear back the actual number until the end of the week, by which time my period will most likely have arrived all on its own, but at least I'll get confirmation of the number so I know that it is a healthy number for my luteal phase and we don't need to worry about progesterone supplements after our IUI. I woke up to a teeny bit of spotting today, and am 10dpo, so within the next couple days Aunt Flo should be here and we'll be off and running for our IUI cycle! I can't wait!

On the home front, Kenneth left today for 5-6 days in Alabama with his USMC Reserves unit, I won't know until sometime today if he'll be gone the full time, or if he'll be back at night.

We did indeed end up going back to the shelter and bringing home the little dog I posted about a few days ago... I can't believe it, we're crazy, but I just couldn't leave him there! He is a sweetheart, and is doing well at home. He's got some fattening up to do, but all his blood work came back clean so he's in pretty good health despite all he's been through! I enjoy having both him and Brutus with me on the couch in the evenings, they are such great little companions!

So, with Kenneth gone for the next few days, I might actually get caught up on American Idol!! :D I have a bunch of recordings in the DVR that I'm so behind on! And I can watch my Netflix movie sometime this week... yay!

Now, I'm off to find breakfast. My stomach is grumbling!

Monday, March 02, 2009


I'm so excited that "our month" is really here. :) I made an appt for early this afternoon to have my blood drawn to check my progesterone levels to verify if I really did ovulate - my temps have remained in the 98.2-98.4 range the last few days and I cannot think of any other reason it would. I've had the low 99.0-99.5 temps in the afternoon/evenings as well, all classic post-ovulatory for me. I think I really want to confirmation from the doctor, since he said he didn't see a mature follicle at the u/s we had done which would have only been a few days before I ovulated according to my chart (though thinking back I'm pretty sure he also said he couldn't get a clear shot of one of my ovaries because my bowel was moving around a lot - that'll teach me to eat salad a couple hours before an u/s!). I would just like to know for sure what my hormones are doing before we get going next month.

I ordered 25 OSOM pregnancy tests this morning, so I should be all stocked up and ready to go now! Yay! Hopefully only about 2.5 more weeks until our IUI - 2 or 3 more weekends! YAY!

Updated chart: