Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miss my hubby...

Yesterday was really good - it was all day at Kenneth's unit for some classes on the upcoming deployment and then just hanging out with the other families and the Marines. It was really nice, and I enjoyed it a lot!! Kent had a great time too, they had inflatables for him to jump on and lots of things going on for the kids. I really enjoyed having that afternoon with Kenneth, and was just so proud of him... being there and seeing him in his element... it was just a great time and I am glad we had that together.

I picked up my Dinner A'Fare order around 3:30 and Kenneth went and had his Lenscrafter follow up, and then I went home and did my Kenpo X and then spent the afternoon with my boys! Kenneth didn't have to spend too much time packing which was good, since the laundry was done all he had to do was put it in a bag and he was set.

We got up at 4:35 this morning and left at about 5:15. We stopped to get Kenneth some breakfast when we were closer to the airport and then dropped him off a little after 6:00... he should be gone about 2 weeks and I miss him already... time has been going so quickly lately, with this back and forth and unpredictable schedule! We found out we get the weekend of the 20th off together, so I am looking forward to that!

And Kenneth made me all teary yesterday evening when he pulled out 2 envelopes, one saying Happy Anniversary and one Happy Birthday... he's missing both during the next 2 weeks and he left me something to open on those days!! I was really touched... he is really sweet, even if he doesn't want me to reveal that deep dark secret of his! :D

Friday, May 29, 2009


As I type this my arms keep yelling at me when I over extend them... it hurts so good...! :D I did Yoga X last night, I really didn't think I was going to make it! It's 90 minutes and there are some pretty FAST intense movement sequences that were kicking my rear end. I stuck with it, and committed to do the best I could that day and made it through the entire thing even though I know I skipped several of the moves (I couldn't keep up!!) I am feeling better today physically though, things are just a little achy and not so miserably sore as they have been. I know that will change again after tonight since its more weights and abs... ouch.

Kenneth got to come home last night! I was so excited to see him! He got in after 9:00 and we were both exhausted, but it was just nice to have him there and sleep in the same bed for a night. He'll be home the next two nights and then he flies out Sunday for 2 weeks. Tomorrow is Family Day at the unit, it will be a long day with lots of information and hopefully Kent will have a good time playing with the other kids that come. I have to figure out how to go pick up my Dinner A'Fare order by 4:00pm and Kenneth has to get to an appointment in Marietta at 5:00... I have a feeling we'll be in separate vehicles.

So, yesterdays lunch went really well! It was really great to sit down and meet with N&L in person and have that time to talk and hear more about them and I already knew the story behind why they needed a GS, but hearing the emotional side as well, and all they've been through... it is really amazing. I think we might be a good match, and we'll see how things go!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Thursday! :)

This week is going really fast!! Yesterday Vicki and I decided to meet up for dinner at Johnny's pizza with the boys, and John was able to join us. It was really good to see them again (its been awhile) and let the boys play some. They are too cute - Johnny cracks me up!! :)

I've also been doing the P90X workout program again, taking advantage of the quiet evenings I have at home with Kenneth gone so much! Today is Day 4 of Week 1 and I am hurting! Most of the workouts are fairly intensive, so I don't anticipate I'll be able to continue them once I transfer, but I will be in good shape when it comes time to cycle (whenever that may be) which is always a good thing!

Kenneth should be home tomorrow night (I hope)! I can't wait to see him, its been a long and quiet week without him home. I miss him, and only got to talk to him for a minute on Tuesday night I think it was... it was good to hear his voice!

I'm getting ready to head out in about a half hour to meet up with N&L, the potential IPs Ruth introduced me to. I am looking forward to it, and am a little nervous, but not too much! I trust very much that what is meant to be will, and I am just going to enjoy today and enjoy our lunch!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Weekend!

What a busy and fun weekend its been! Saturday was absolutely hectic, but worth it. Kent and I went to the SMO GTG hotel in the morning (around 10:30 if I remember right) and just after 11:00 we all headed over to the restaurant. We had a preset menu with about 6 choices and got lots of chips with salsa and queso while we waited, there was a group of 13 of us there for lunch that day and there was lots of laughs shared. It was really cool to see a few faces I haven't seen in almost 2 years, since the Get Together in Chicago just after I delivered Fiona! I met a few new people as well. I only got to stay for lunch (which was really good, and the cake they brought us for dessert was incredible, and the pieces were HUGE)! I had to head out at 2:00 for a birthday party, the son of one of the Marines Kenneth works with was having a party in Gainesville, so I rushed home and off we went. Between me cutting it close and the rain that decided to pick up we were about an hour late, but it was an all night event so we were there from about 5:00 until 10:00 and then had an hour and a half drive home. I was so tired by the time we got home. The party was really cool, it was a Marine theme and they had an obstacle course (which included a zip line) and a trampoline for the kids, they even had a tent up from the Unit! They grilled hot dogs and we just hung out that afternoon. After presents most of the guests headed out and as it got darker they started a bonfire which felt nice to sit around.

Sunday we watched our 2 Netflix movies (Taken and RocknRolla), and in the morning we ran a few errands of things Kenneth needed to do before heading out. It was nice to just have a quiet day together and to try to enjoy each others company as much as we could. I sent Kenneth off this morning and won't see him again until Friday evening. Saturday is the Family Day at the Unit and he flies out on Sunday for 2 weeks. I think this whole summer is going to really go fast!!

My surrogacy update is that I was able to talk to the couple Ruth sent me the profile for and we've exchanged a couple e-mails and phone calls as of Friday and plan to meet for lunch on Thursday! I am looking forward to it, and hopeful it might be a good match... :)

Today I am going to head back over to the hotel one more time and spend the morning and early afternoon with one of my very best SMO friends who isn't flying out until later today, I'm so glad to squeeze in a little more time with her! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Day Was Fun!

I had such a great time yesterday with Kent at his Field Day at school (though I don't know why they still call it that, it's always in the gym). I took the day off to spend with him, to cheer him and his classmates on. They are so stinkin' cute to watch; they get so serious but have such a great time too. I love having that day with him each year! As he gets older, it seems there are less and less opportunities for me to spend with him at school - I don't think I got to go on any field trips this year, which I love doing with him. He is so sweet, I am soaking up these moments with him because I fully realize they will fade fast as the years go by - he was so EXCITED to have me there all day! That I got to drive him to school, take him home from school, run errands together and spend the afternoon together... he loved that we had all that time together, and I just want to freeze frame those smiles and that excitement and keep it close to me everyday... I am so blessed that he has not outgrown me yet! :)

Today I got a potential IP profile from Ruth - I was so excited to hear from her, though the excitement didn't really kick in until I got an e-mail this evening with an contact info to reach the IPs directly and suggestions on how to meet up in the coming week or so. I am really hopeful about finding a local match, and am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Kenneth is having a late night at work... I have a feeling this isn't going to be the only one - he brought a huge document home last night he had to read and comment on... I can't believe he'll be gone soon!! I hope we get some good down time on Sunday after our busy Saturday!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Yep... it's Monday again! Oh the JOY! Kent and I spent most of the weekend at my inlaws house, helping them pack. They're moving this coming weekend I believe and we got a lot done (we spent most of the time packing the kitchen and some in the living room). My sister in law was there as well, and she's been sick and I'm beginning to wonder if I brought home whatever she had. I've not been feeling so great since yesterday, and am very nauseated today, my mouth keeps watering and its really annoying! I slept horribly last night too, kept tossing and turning and had the weirdest dream.

I baked Saturday afternoon and made 3 loaves of banana bread, it is SO yummy! That Better Homes & Garden recipe I've been using for years now is the BEST! It always comes out so great, and with all the bananas we use, there are always a couple each time that end up in the freezer because they've gotten too ripe - its such a great way to use those! (I sent one loaf with Kenneth to his work, and he said it went over well and was gone quickly.)

Kent helped me for awhile last night on my giant cook book project, cutting recipes from magazines and grouping them. I love spending time on that! I told Kent we should make it a goal to pick at least one new recipe each week to cook while Kenneth is gone - to give us something to schedule and do together.

Kent's Field Day is tomorrow, I can't wait to spend the day with him and his friends! I always enjoy the Field Days, I am bummed Kenneth won't be there this year though. Friday I have an AM OB appointment and then the SMO GTG starts that afternoon/evening. We have Monday the 25th off for Memorial Day, and depending on how much Ken & Donna still need help with, I may be helping with moving on that day. Kenneth has the 23rd and 24th off and then goes back to work on the 25th. He also told me that his training schedule has changed some, and he'll be gone 2 solid weeks, from May 31st through June 14th - originally he was supposed to come home most of those nights (and as we've decided is mandatory because of how often it happens he's missing our anniversary and my birthday)... so now it is all starting to sink in and I'm starting to get a little sad... I am going to really miss him. I feel very unprepared for it all, with no set schedule in front of me to look at. They're supposed to be going out of state sometime mid-June (probably right after he gets back on the 14th), but I don't know where and I don't have dates...

We have family day at the Unit coming up on the 30th so I'm supposed to get more info then, I hope!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Seeking: Patience

The attorney's office e-mailed me briefly yesterday to see if I had any preferences regarding ethnicity (which I don't) and I replied back letting her know that. She mentioned an American & European couple, and African American couple and an Indian couple. I don't know which, if any, of them they are considering could be a good match for me, but I am sure they will send the IPs my profile first and then get back to me. It was encouraging to hear from them!

I am trying my best to just stay busy and focused elsewhere while I watch the days tick sloowly by! Vicki and I chatted yesterday for awhile, just to check in and were planning to get pizza tonight with the boys, but as of this AM Johnny was pretty sick and she was taking him to the doctor's, so we'll probably have to rain check that idea!! It's ok though, Kent and I will order in pizza tonight and watch a movie on the couch or something fun... the other night we had dessert first (banana splits) and then dinner, which he thought was AWESOME!! (And total side note, but I actually had a good hour of quiet time that I was able to use to clean the house back up - it wasn't that bad since we just had company on Mother's Day, but I was able to tidy and vacuum and do pots and pans, and I was ecstatic to have it all "prettied" again! I can always get so much more stuff like that done when Kenneth isn't home... when he's here we just want to be together and we tend to ignore the little stuff around the house!)

One more week until the big SMO GTG! Everyone is coming here to Atlanta, I'm not sure how many will end up there, but I'm guessing in the 15-20 range. It will be great to hang out and see a couple of my dear friends I haven't had the chance to visit with in ages!! Kenneth will be home at night over the weekend, but this has been planned for so long - I can't pass up the chance to stay overnight at the hotel with everyone, the "slumber party" aspect is the most fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good meeting yesterday!

I talked to Fran about meeting with an Atlanta attorney who is working with a couple local IPs looking for a GS and she suggested holding my profile back until I have a chance to see if anything locally works out, if not then she will show my profile to PIPs. I agreed that made the most sense; I don't want to be talking to multiple couples at one time and have someone get hurt and I would love the chance to match locally so the IPs can be more involved if they'd like. I know she would find me a good match, regardless of distance, and will be happy to contact her and work with her if the attorney doesn't find a good connection for me in the next month or so.

I met with Ruth and Amy from the law firm for lunch yesterday and we had a good discussion, although I realize I probably talked way too much and didn't ask as many questions as I could have - but Ruth answered most of the big ones. They are looking through their IP profiles and will be in touch within a few days if there are any potential matches that they think I should review. I assume they will most likely send my profile out to the IPs as well to confirm they want to speak to me too. I am looking forward to hearing back and getting the chance to see who they think might be a good fit.

Kenneth was home for dinner last night (mushroom swiss turkey burgers from the dinner a'fare that were AWESOME) and it will be his last night home for a couple days, he's in the field I believe through Saturday so Kent and I get a couple "mommy and me" days which I'm looking forward to! :)

We were talking about the possible upcoming deployment and he said he and some of the guys were talking about their wives and girlfriend's reactions, and apparently I am out of the norm a little bit. He said most are getting hassled about leaving, and one said his girlfriend has been crying for a week and I am totally cool and supportive about it... so then I wondered if something is wrong with me??! We've just been through so many separations throughout Kenneth's Marine Corps career it really doesn't phase me anymore. I miss him when he's gone, but he always comes home, and I know he's out there doing what he TRULY loves!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Talked to Fran last night!

Fran had another crazy busy day but was able to call me yesterday evening and I think we talked for about a half hour just chit chatting and catching up, briefly going over my application which she said was fine and then talking about the potential IPs she has searching. There is a couple in Pennsylvania that she would like to set up a teleconference with, this would be their first surrogacy and first child and would be a fresh transfer possibly with the IMs eggs for a try (she's in her early 40's) or with an egg donor. We talked about doing a mock cycle the first time to confirm with whatever RE we work with a protocol that will work for me. That is one thing that is very reassuring about working with Fran, she is sure that we can find something that WILL work and she knows my history well enough to advocate for me.

So, I will hope to hear back by mid next week from Fran to see if the IPs are interested in having a teleconference and we'll see how things go from there!

Today we get to do lots of cleaning and straightening up the house for having family over tomorrow for mother's day. I've been looking around to see "how bad" it is, and I don't think it will take us TOO long... Kenneth will probably want to run errands at some point too, though I would love to have a whole day home. It's been a long week and I'm tired! :)

Friday, May 08, 2009


TOTAL Flashback today!! I was searching SMO for a list of Q&As that would be helpful to those new to surrgacy and stumbled across a post I started in April 2006 (linked above) that continued through June 2006 and basically chronicled the beginnings of my match with my GS IPs (T&I) through A Woman's Gift and the whole testing/meeting/contract process... it was fascinating to me to read through!! Makes me feel "old and wise" now! :D

It was also fascinating to me because it was almost exactly 3 years ago that I was in that place, and here I am again in a similar place... and I was reminded that we had to expedite contracts because Kenneth was leaving, and if I am lucky enough to match in the next few weeks we will probably be in a similar situation needing to expedite contracts to make sure Kenneth is here to sign off on them since he could be deploying in less than 5 months, and will definitely be in training between now and then so he could be hard to reach. I'll talk to Fran about all of that today when we chat which I am looking forward to!

I am so happy its Friday!! For lunch the admin and managers are going to Ray's on the River for belated admin appreciation and I'm looking forward to that... I may just try to head home a little early if I can wrap things up with my work, we'll see how the afternoon shapes up! I hope we have some nice sunshine again today! Yesterday was actually pretty nice in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I woke up so excited thinking it was FINALLY Friday... and then I asked Kenneth what day it was... Thursday... sigh... I'm just having one of those weeks where it feels like it SHOULD be Friday and its not yet, though thankfully it will be tomorrow!! :D Things have been busy at work which is good, and Kenneth had his last finals yesterday which is also good!! He is so happy he's done with school for awhile and that he gets to go back to work next week!

I will be happy when he gets an ACTUAL schedule and orders for what's coming after this month of drill and AT - it's impossible to plan for the months to come not knowing what his schedule might look like. I am pretty sure I am going to plan for the June trip to Washington irregardless of what we've heard, just need mom to get back to me on the dates of the family get together and the wedding she wants me to go to with her; I'm hoping it will be the 3rd week of June.

We've had so much rain the past couple days, I know we need it but it sure makes for a lovely commute home each evening! Plus our bassett hound Max gets ALL worked up... he's actually gotten much worse about that; he used to just get anxious when there was thunder and lightning, but now it starts as soon as it begins to rain! He's such a mess, poor guy! He woke us up around 1:00am this morning because it had started raining outside... he must be super, super sensitive to it, because we had all the windows shut and the bedroom fan on to help drown out the sound and keep things cool in our room, and he still heard the very beginnings of the rain. Doggy breath is not my choice of wake up calls at 1:00am!!

I've e-mailed back and forth a couple times with Fran from the agency, apparently the application I'd downloaded off their website yesterday and sent in was outdated so she got me a corrected one last night that I filled out - I'm hoping we can chat sometime today or tomorrow if she has a chance to look through it, and just get a feel for whether or not she might have a potential match for me to talk to.

I was talking with Vicki yesterday morning some and told her I still sort of feel like I'm "cheating" on them... I hope in time that feeling eases... I told her it's just hard to wrap my head around all we've been through up to this point to just stop short and move in such a different direction, and I just want to be SURE that they are SURE... She put a call in to the attorney yesterday to make sure there's nothing in particular we need to know about the contract with this change in plans. I'm hoping we can essentially put it on hold and be able to pick it back up and use it or amend it with changes (if we go the IVF route) when the time comes...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco de Mayo!!

Well, a day late! Even though we didn't really do anything special, Kenneth called on my way home to make SURE we were having Mexican last night!! Luckily I'd been in the mood for tacos when I was at the grocery store last, so we had most everything we needed. I made chicken tacos with all the fixings, though I didn't have lettuce yesterday since I used it all up in a salad I made the day before... other than that we had everything and they were yummy!! Any excuse for some good Mexican food works for me! :) I was sort of surprised Kenneth didn't stop and pick up some Coronas or something, instead he had a Guiness... that would not have been my first choice to drink with a taco...!! Tacos is kind of like fixing sandwiches, its great to eat and then you go to clean up and realize just how many different items you USED and it takes forever to put it all away!

Yesterday was my mid-year review and my boss and I went to P.F. Changs for lunch and had a nice talk, it was good to get out of the office for awhile and to have that chance to catch up and check in. I am glad B.C. provides the opportunity to meet formally twice a year. I really like the company I work for!

I really want to start doing my P90X workout program again, especially if I'm going to Washington in a month or so its my goal to loose a few pounds before then and tone a little, so I'm hoping he'll help kick my butt until I get back into the routine... I picked up a bunch of Special K cereal bars to keep at work too - my favorite "diet" snack!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Change Of Plans...

Vicki and I chatted more this morning and I think I might be looking for GS IPs afterall... I thought I would just wait and work with John & Vicki whenever they were ready, but since it really seems like we're looking at a long time frame until it will be time to cycle I woke up today with GS on my heart again and the desire to reach out to the agency coordinator I worked with back in '06-'07. With John & Vicki's blessing, that is what I am doing... I sent Fran at A Woman's Gift an e-mail and updated application this morning and she's going to look through it all and we'll get together to chat via telephone sometime this week... I am cautiously excited... it feels very odd to just up and change direction like this but I am looking forward to what the future holds and am excited to see what might happen next.

I told Vicki I wouldn't look into GS unless they were sure they were ok with an 18+ month timeframe, and she assured me they are and said she was relieved that I wasn't just waiting for them... I think of them as my "forever IPs" and really do look forward to the day that I might get to help them expand their family!

I am looking forward to working with Fran again, I had a very positive experience with her last time and am nervously excited to hear what she thinks and if she has any potential matches for me to speak with... I thought about not posting anything and just keeping things to myself until I know for sure what's happening - but that's not really my style!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

We had a beautiful Saturday, just got rained on some on the way home. I woke up around 8:30 and Kenneth was still out sleeping in the living room (he wakes up really, really early, and goes out to the living room and puts the TV on and usually falls back asleep) so I woke him up and we took about 2 hours to get showered, dressed and ready to head out. We swung through Chick Fil A on the way out for breakfast (YUMMY!!) and drove to Lake Lanier and stopped at I think about 4 boat dealerships and toured about 5 or 6 boats total. It was fun to see them in person and really get a feel for what we want, what the cost is going to be, and which dealerships had a decent selection for the cruisers we're looking at. I totally fell in love with one in particular and have my heart set on that one or one very similar (the Chaparral Signature 250 or 270). They are just beautiful and I love the seating option on the 250. Kenneth of course kept looking at the big boats, but I don't want something bigger than we need and it needs to be trailerable.

In any event, that's how we spent our Saturday, we swung through Arby's for lunch around 2:00pm and then stopped to look at RV's in Kennesaw on the way home (Kenneth has decided we need the RV to tow the boat). We're no where near ready to buy either, but we're deciding what we really want, what we truly intend to use them for, how much we are willing to spend, and then we will actually look once he's back from deployment (if he actually deploys). I'm trying not to "plan" on him being gone yet, since we still don't have orders, but I'm starting to think about summer plans with Kent. I think I want to take a week off and fly to WA to visit my family while Kenneth's away, it's a good time to go and the timing works well with summer break. I won't buy my tickets until I know for SURE what Kenneth's schedule is, but I'm starting to plan for it and talk to my mom about dates.

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and I have no idea what Kenneth and Kent are getting me, but I asked Kenneth to not spend very much - I'd rather have them do something low key and home made (I love breakfast in bed)! We're hosting the family get together since Ken and Donna are in the midst of packing up and getting ready to move out of their house. So I know this weekend is going to involve a lot of cleaning! :)

Today is another overcast day, we had some GORGEOUS ones last week and I really hope the sun comes back out again soon - I was really enjoying driving the Corvette with the top off!!